Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Week of Hospitals and Health Care Centers

Last Tuesday around this time, I had just returned from Norwalk Hospital's emergency room after spending four hours there. My mother was heading into surgery. She had broken her earlier in the day. Although she was the fourth person who needed hip surgery that night, she was the only one in good enough physical shape to make it to the OR. The surgeon called me about an hour later, and said everything went well.

I spent many hours over the next three days at the Hospital, including a visit on Halloween as Carmen Miranda. The timing of my walk coincided the construction workers taking their lunch break. I got quite a few stares.

Friday evening the Hospital transferred my mother to health care center at her retirement community. So now I've been visiting her up there--a half hour drive rather than a walk across the street. I'm thankful that she moved back up north. This would be too hard to handle if she still lived in Hilton Head.

At least I missed the vet's visit this week. I had a scary moment Saturday morning when Spike apparently slipped on wet leaves while climbing up a curb. He could barely put any weight on his bad leg. I thought I might have to carry him back home. I had several tutoring appointments, so Jeff took Spike to the vet's. She gave him muscle relaxants and he seemed good as new the next day. We just have to keep an eye one him.

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