Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016 World Series Game Seven

I've surprised myself by rooting for the Cleveland Indians this year because
  • I'm a National League fan
  • the Cubs have been waiting over 100 years
  • the Indians have an offensive name/logo (call me politically correct if you will, I just want to be sensitive to others' feelings.) 
Before the playoffs, I would have found it difficult to name even one Indian player, though I probably could have named the manager. I was more familiar with the Cubs, though not particularly a fan of any of the players.

Maybe I'm rooting for Cleveland because it's the underdog. It's hard to understand.

As I write this, the Cubs have the momentum. They came back from being down three games to one to force a game seven. They're up by three runs in the top of the seventh. 

But anything can happen in a baseball game.

Just read this. Other Mets fans seem to be as conflicted as I am. 

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