Sunday, November 13, 2016

Lola Visits Stamford

We decided to take Lola to the Stamford Dog Park today for the first time. The park is fenced-in with separate areas for small and large dogs; we took Lola into the small dog section. Unfortunately, she didn't like it. I think part of it was due to traffic noise; the park is right off I-95. Jeff thought she was spooked by some young kids in the small dog area. Overall, she was skittish and uncomfortable. After she pooped, we headed out.

Our next stop was Cove Island Park; Lola loved it there. She sniffed, climbed over rocks and met several other dogs, including a few beagles. She did get scared by a man untangling a kite from a tree, but was otherwise in a good mood--in full happy face mode. Once again I tried to snap a few photos, but didn't have much luck.

When we arrived at Cove Island, I called my friend (and former roommate) Elaine who joined us to meet Lola and go for a walk. We were there over an hour-and-a-half. It was a beautiful day.

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