Sunday, November 27, 2016

Random Sunday Thoughts

This has been an unusual week: a three day work week for many, Thanksgiving, Black Friday (god not for us) and Jake-sitting.It was nice to come home last night.

This afternoon we went for an hour hike at Cranbury Park. I told Jeff that Lola was a good influence on us. Otherwise, we wouldn't have gone hiking, even though it was a nice day. It was my first exercise in four days.

I've got a new project. The ACT manual has been revised. I'll be teaching a class in about 2.5 weeks and will need to prep the manual, watch some videos and pass a quiz. I had just started a project to organize my ACT, SAT and PSAT materials. I should have started earlier (the story of my life.)

I've been thinking about plans for the week. It looks like my Monday appointment may move to Thursday. That opens up tomorrow, but I had planned on dinner with my mother beforehand. Should I reschedule? I need to go food shopping, and get back into a gym routine.

I keep dozing off as I try to finish this post. It's not conducive to planning. I'll re-think it tomorrow.

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