Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oyster Shell Park, Lola and Me

I took Lola to Oyster Shell Park this morning; the rain wasn't due until midday. I choose Oyster Shell to give her some variety (we'd been to Taylor Farm the two previous days) and because it has paved trails--I figured it would be less muddy. It rained most of yesterday too. Oyster Shell is also closer than Taylor Farm, and I had many things on today's to-do list.

There's a playground at the base of the park. For a long time, I thought the playground was the whole park, until I visited the Nice Festival this summer with Jeff and Lola.

As I had noticed with Spike, apparently the rain brings a variety of scents. Lola was intrigued. She loves the outdoors and it makes me happy to see her so happy.

I do a lot of thinking on our walks. I may plan my day, I may write lines of a blog post or a poem. I really look at and listen to things.

Our walks bond Lola and me together. That's the best part.

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