Friday, November 11, 2016

Family Visit

Jeff was off for Veterans Day, so we visited his parents. Usually he works weekdays and I often work weekends, so it's hard for us to go together. First we took Lola to Southbury dog park for about 45 minutes.

Going to Southbury dog park had been our routine with Spike since we read about it in this book. Lola's only been to Southbury three or four times. She loves it. I recently read that dogs dream (I already knew that just from watching Spike) and it's good to give your dog new experiences in new places to fuel their dreams. Well, that's one thing we are good at doing for Lola.

Just to be safe, we gated Lola in the apartment kitchen while we went to the main dining room. Jeff's dad usually eats in the health center's dining room, and it was nice to see people greet him who haven't seen him in a while.

It was a good family day.

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