Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Split Thanksgiving

For the past several years, we’ve spent Thanksgiving with Jeff’s family—in some form or another.This year things were different. Plans changed in my family so my mother would be alone if I didn’t see her. The same was true of Jeff’s parents. So we split up. I had an early (11 AM) meal with my mother and Jeff went for a meal at a more reasonable time of 12:30 PM. We were invited to Jeff's sister's later in the day with her daughter and boyfriend serving as sous chefs.

Jeff and I ended up meeting at the new Danbury Dog Park--basically two fenced-in areas across from a Danbury Airport runway. Lola seemed to like the scents; luckily there were no air arrivals or departures close to us to scare her.

I missed being with Jeff, and my mother drove me crazy, but the rest of the day was good.

I'm thankful for a nice family day, for Jeff and Lola,for good health, and for my privilege (that I'm still identifying.)

Happy Thanksgiving.

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