Thursday, November 17, 2016

DVR Catch-Up

I'm one of those persons that likes to have the TV on as background noise when I'm working around the house. Today I watched The Cotton Club--which I recorded in May--as I cleaned the bedroom and sorted the laundry.

I've seen The Cotton Club several times before, and think it's an underrated film. I loved the combination of musical numbers (especially Crazy Rhythm and Minnie the Moocher) the romances, and the mob stories. There's also the Mad Dog Coll element. As far as I know, he's no relation to me, but I've wanted to learn more about him.

The cast was good; I was especially surprised by Fred Gwynne who I only knew as Officer Francis Muldoon of Car 54 and Herman Munster.

A good film that managed a happy ending.

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