Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It Was Seven Months Ago Today...

that Lola came home with us.

She was so scared when we left the shelter. I tried to settle down in the back seat with her. She finally went to the floor and stayed there. We were told she liked to walk on the leash, but she panicked when we exited our car. Then she hid underneath our drop leaf table for a week or so. Despite that, even in our first days together, Lola sensed that we would keep her safe. 

From the beginning, Lola was much more confident outside--that's one of the first things we noticed about her. Yesterday winds scared her when we were in the back yard. Today at Taylor Farm, nothing phased her. Lola stood majestic on a rock outcropping when the strongest wind blew by her.

Lola is loving to Jeff and me. She's growing friendlier to friends and neighbors. Lola is awesome.

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