Saturday, November 26, 2016


A few times on Thanksgiving, people asked me our plans for the rest of the weekend. Jeff and I were pet-sitting, but otherwise had only one specific plan for yesterday. Now we did a few more things and had fun. But I got to thinking--we just don't have a lot of social activities lined up on the weekends.

Getting Spike may have been the turning point. We started taking him out with us which curtailed our going-out options: we could only go to dog friendly places and were limited by weather conditions. For meals, we started doing more take-out, instead of eating in restaurants. We also had less disposable income, so going out became less viable.

Ultimately, I like staying at home, especially in the dark winters. I'm happy hanging out with Jeff. We can catch up on movies or TV. I may read or write.

We were only away for two nights. but it felt good to come home. This is our place; this is where we belong. 

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