Saturday, November 5, 2016

Would Have Been's

Today would have been Spike's 16th birthday.

Here's a photo I took of him about ten years ago on a beach in Hobe Sound, Florida.This may be the best photograph I've ever taken.

I've been thinking about Spike a lot lately. I even answered "Spike" when someone asked me Lola's name on Tuesday. D'oh. We still miss him.

We were able to keep Spike going for almost a year even though he had cancer. But his last few days were tough--he couldn't walk; he could barely stand. It was time.

I would have loved for Spike and Lola to meet. Maybe he could have taught her not to be so afraid. But we can't have had two dogs where we live. So if we still had Spike, we wouldn't have Lola now.

We don't know Lola's real birthday. We designated May 5 as her day. This makes November 5 her half-way day and gives her a connection to Spike.

Happy Birthday Spike!  Happy Half-way Day Lola!

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