Friday, November 25, 2016

A Mini Road Trip

Jeff and I are Jake-sitting today in Ridgefield. It's also the first weekend of the Merwinsville Hotel Christmas/Holiday Show. We decided to head up there around noon, taking Lola with us because we were hesitant to leave her here.

I had hoped to find at least one present to make the trip worthwhile. No luck there--most of the items were too expensive for me. Oh well, Lola got to walk around and smell some new scents.

Since we were just six miles from Kent, we decided to make a stop there. We traded off going into my favorite store and walking with Lola in a large field. I made a purchase in Foreign Cargo: a dish towel with doggie faces (resembling beagles) for us. We picked up sandwiches here and ate them in the car. Note to self: don't try to eat a sandwich while sharing a small, enclosed space with a beagle.

Heading back to Ridgefield, we made a final stop to taste some wine and see some art. It ended up being similar to this day.

Unfortunately, we hit some traffic on the way home. It got dark early and started to rain. We didn't make it to Danbury dog park and had to cut our walk with Jake and Lola short.

But we were pleased that Lola walked on the sidewalk in Kent and even crossed the street. She freaked when she saw cars during our walk with Jake. But her Kent walk was a victory. 

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